Review of the Viking Bags Large Back Rest Tail Bag

The good folks at Viking Bags sent me the Viking Bags Large Back Rest Tail Bag ( 3,400 cubic inches) to review and it has proven to be a versatile bag for both of my bikes.

Viking Bags Large Back Rest Tail Bag
The Large Back Rest Tail Bag from Viking Bags

As I am wont to do, I've compared my opinions to the manufacturer's claims below:

Large Back Rest Tail Bag Feature Battlefield Biker Review
Includes a dual mounting system that enables you to mount under the seat using a harness or adjustable straps that attach to your sissy bar or luggage rack.

Review of Viking Bags and Motorcycle House

As I've mentioned before, motorcycle gear suppliers sometimes send me stuff to review. I was recently contacted by Motorcycle House & Viking Bags to review a couple of items. Before agreeing to these deals, I like to investigate the companies to see if they possess the qualities I look for, namely a good selection at competitive prices with a consumer focussed website. Having seen that Motorcycle House and Viking bags have a good website and a competitively priced range, I agreed to review 2 items, one from each website.

Motorcycle House Logo

General Douglas MacArthur returns to the Philippines on 20 October 1944

On 20 October 1944, General Douglas MacArthur fulfilled his promise to return to the Philippines to begin the process of freeing the Philippine Islands from Japanese control. Prior to the Battle of Leyte Gulf, MacArthur waded ashore the island of Leyte. He would land on the main island of Luzon on 9 January 1945.

In one of the largest operations of WWII, MacArthur used four divisions (1st Cavalry, 7th, 24th and 96th Infantry, supported by the 21st Infantry Regiment and the 6th Ranger Battalion) from Lieutenant-General Walter Krueger's Sixth Army to land on Leyte. (More on the 6th Rangers here) This force was landed by the US Navy's Seventh Fleet led by Vice-Admiral Thomas Kincaid and supported by part of Admiral William Halsey's Third Fleet. The Japanese would counter attack on October 24th to initiate one of the largest naval battles in history.1

Historic Newspapers

Thomas Walker of Historic Newspapers is offering a discount to Battlefield Biker readers. Just type in '15TODAY' where appropriate.

I've really enjoyed leafing through the WWII book he sent me. Looks like he has a lot of cool stuff there. I think I am going to order my wife's birthday newspaper for her upcoming birthday.

British Pathfinders Lead the Way on 6 June 1944

I love reading old newspapers for accounts of WWII operations. As they say, reporting is the first write of history.

The good people at Historic Newspapers sent me a book filled with WWII cuttings. It is a nice looking book and easy to flip through by date. If you like something you see there, here is a code for Battlefield Biker readers to get a discount; just put in '15TODAY'. Here is what the WWII book looks like:
WWII Newspapers

The Fetterman Massacre 21 December 1866 Near Fort Phil Kearny

On 21 December 1866, the US Army suffered its worst defeat in the western Indian Wars up to that time. (Custer's defeat at Little Bighorn would later surpass it)
Fetterman, a Captain at Fort Phil Kearney, was given the mission to relieve a wood cutting party who had been attacked by Indians, possibly led by Crazy Horse and/or Red Cloud. In fact, the attack on the woodcutters was a diversion and Fetterman and his 81 man detail were led into an ambush. All 81 were killed.* Traditional history, gives the idea that Fetterman was out to make a name for himself and had said, "With 80 men, I could ride through the entire Sioux nation." For a deeper and somewhat contrarianview to the traditional, click here.

Books from

Sympathy for the good guys.

Every now and then I hear something that I know to be true from my own experience and I really feel for good companies that struggle with doing the right thing for their customers, but having to deal with some of its customers who believe they own the company. Read below the email from Alt-Berg Boots:

Dear E-Member:

We have received emails from some customers asking why we have decided to discontinue our refurbishment service from 7th December 2011 (it was wrongly stated in the previous email as 2012 – a typing error).

We have offered our refurbishment service for the past 15 years – and it is with regret that we’ve decided to withdraw the service.

Why Do We Ride?

Watch this clip about a bunch of old Taiwanese men who decide to set their ailments aside and take a motorcycle tour. This is the spirit of motorcycle touring in a nutshell. Great video!

UK Motorcycle Tour Legend,Stuart Jenkinson, to Auction his Vincent Black Prince

Stuart Jenkinson, a retired teacher and motorcycle touring legend in the UK, has decided to auction off his 1955 Vincent Black Prince. Jenkinson, now 83, wants to auction it to a caring owner who can take it from the 721,703 miles it currently has to 750,000 and beyond. From the BBC article;

The bike will be auctioned at the International Motorcycle Show in Staffordshire on 24 April 2011 and has attracted a pre-sale estimate of £35,000 - £40,000.

Go ahead, give Vinnylonglegs a new owner. I'm sure the Battlefield biker readers have £40,000 to spare!