BigPantha Helmet Lock Cable Review

The good folks at BigPantha sent me their BigPantha Helmet Lock Cable to see what I thought of it. Two things that always stay on the Red Rover is a helmet lock and a bungee cargo net. I have always locked my helmet with a cable, but it has normally been with a big bike lock and cable. The problem with that arrangement is that it is always in the way when packing bags and it is so long that my helmet can fall off with wind, knocks, etc. The Big Pantha Helmet Lock Cable seemed like a reasonable solution and it has proven to be. I’ve had it for a couple of months now, so it is time for a Battlefield Biker review.

BigPantha Helmet Lock Cable Review

I like to review goods like this on their general appearance and performance, but also based on the claims of the seller, so I grabbed the summary of the key facts and features from Amazon.

BigPantha Helmet Lock Cable Review – Features

Battlefield Biker Review

– Sleek & Attractive Black Helmet Lock It’s black and small

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, so I’ll agree it is “sleek.”

– Lightweight (5oz) & compact (fit’s in your pocket or a small bag) It is very lightweight and compact. It is virtually unnoticeable when not in use which serves for being out of the way and being concealable.
– Secret PIN code – 1,000 combinations Easy to set a new PIN and it is not too fiddly even for old fat fingers (BB)
– Simple to lock-it and unlock The D-Ring locking mechanism is very simple and easy to use.
– D-Lock is Rubberized to prevent scratching It is rubberized and not scratchy around the visor lid.
– Cable is self coiling for easy use & storage This is the part I like the most. When not is active use, it coils up to a small portion of its extended use and it is out of the way of bags.
– 1.8M long to attach single or dual helmets to bike (plus a jacket if you want) It is freakishly long when it needs to be, so can snake around bags and boxes to reach without having to remove anything.
– Cable is coated with durable PVC plastic for protection and prevent scratching The cable is coated and slick. No scratches and slides through the bike frame and helmet opening without friction.
– 100% waterproof – will not rust I live in Nevada. I don’t get much chance to test rust-proofness, but looks the part. 😉
– Popular with Cruiser, Racing, Sports & Harley owners Also popular with this ADV and dirt bike rider.
– Ideal accessory gift for men and women motorcyclists / bikers. The Battlefield Biker is a man on most days, but on the days I am exploring my feminine side, I liked it too.
– Universal fitting for all GMAX, HJC, Shoei, Arai, Icon, Scorpion, Matte, Nolan, Shark, KBC motorcyclist / rider helmets. It easily fit my Arai X-Tour and Shoei MultiTec

Summary of the Review of the Big Pantha Helmet Lock Cable

This is a simple piece of kit as it should be. I find that items that are small, simple, and work are the best kind. Battlefield Bikers give the BigPantha Helmet Lock Cable two sabers up.

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  1. Lalit Manoj Nathani

    How can I buy this helmet lock in india

    • tjlinzy

      Sorry, sir. I do not know for sure. Can you not buy it at and have it shipped?

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