I’ve always made gloves stink. I guess I am just one of those guys that sweat a lot, but when I have worn leather gloves in summer riding conditions for too long, they just smell.

Of course, I’m also very cost conscious and have resisted buying another pair of gloves that are made only for summer riding. My friends over at Riders Discount took pity on me and sent me a pair of Fieldsheer Mach 6.0 Mesh gloves.

I’ve never been a fan of short gloves, mainly because the ones I have had have been really tight to the point of cutting off circulation to my fingers on long rides. However, the Fieldsheer Mach 6.0s are very comfortable. They fit snugly, but don’t bind and the padded, goat-skin palms feel very good on the KTM’s handle-grips. I have not had a long ride with them yet, but two hours in the saddle did not produce any hand fatigue. I’m hoping the padded palms will reduce some vibration too.

As for their defining feature of breathe-a-bility, they rock. There are air vents that channel air through the glove, not just let it in through the mesh, so they should make a really cool glove in the summer.

Finally, these gloves don’t skimp on protection either. The knuckle protectors will fend off the rogue branch or two as well as keeping your hands cool on the wooded gravels tracks we find around battlefields.

The Fieldsheer Mesh glove will not replace a good pair of all leather gloves, especially in the rain. However, for those hot, dry days when you just want to ride in comfort, sticking a pair of these in your tank bag is a good idea.

As with all of my gear, I try to give long term updates as well an initial review, so check back here for more info on how these gloves are performing.

Thanks again to the good folks at Riders Discount.