The good folks at Viking Bags sent me the Viking Bags Large Back Rest Tail Bag (3,400 cubic inches) to review and it has proven to be a versatile bag for both of my bikes.

Viking Bags Large Back Rest Tail Bag
The Large Back Rest Tail Bag from Viking Bags

As I am wont to do, I’ve compared my opinions to the manufacturer’s claims below:

Large Back Rest Tail Bag Feature Battlefield Biker Review
Includes a dual mounting system that enables you to mount under the seat using a harness or adjustable straps that attach to your sissy bar or luggage rack. Easy to fit on both the exterior Honda 250 rack and under the seat of the Suzuki V-Strom.
Adjustable backrest pad perfect for the passenger or driver. This was useful on both bikes, but I noticed it most on my V-Strom set-up where it provided a comfortable lower back support.
Includes detachable backpack straps for easy off-the-bike jaunts I haven’t used this feature yet, but it is very easy to handle empty or full.
Main compartment includes a large loading opening located at the top. Two expandable pockets on exterior. Exterior includes three pockets and two mesh pockets for added organization Padded storage compartment for Laptop Interior includes five mesh pockets. The bag is very versatile and allows for lots of stuff, including a padded area for your valuables like GPS, laptops, camera gear, etc. I also like all of the exterior pockets that provide easy access to snacks, gloves and keys.
Rain cover included Yes, very useful. I haven’t ridden with it in the rain yet, but it definitely is waterproof and keeps dust out too.
Retains shape even when empty Agreed. This is a well formed and solid back that will not go limp and floppy after some use.

I used the bag on the Honda 250 for a ride up the Old Geiger Grade Toll Road. It looks big on that bike, but as long as you don’t load it too heavily, it is very stable. It was perfect for some water, tire tools, sunglasses, maps, camera and GPS gear.

However, where I think this bag will come in especially useful for me is on my V-Strom for longer rides. I like to ride inline without bulging pannier bags hanging off the side. I have a secured Givi box for my valuables, but the Viking Bag added storage volume and fit nicely in between the Givi and the small of my back. It provided solid and comfortable back support. The attachment plate fit snugly under the seat to give the bag a very secure feel. When I add a tank bag, I have all I need for longer trips and I can still lane-split in California traffic.

Overall, the Viking Bags Large Back Rest Tail Bag ( 3,400 cubic inches) is a great addition to my riding tack. If you are in the market for such a bag, please consider heading over to Vikings Bags and ordering one.