After my initial review of the Joe Rocket Survivor suit, I promised an update when I had more mileage on the suit, so here it is.
I used the Survivor suit extensively in 2010. It proved to be a great cold and wet weather riding suit. After an incredibly wet May ride in Belgium, I came out of the suit completely dry and warm. Joe Rocket’s claim of ‘100% WATERPROOF’ is 100% correct in my experience.
Later in the summer I took the winter liner out of the suit and used it in Normandy. The air vents help when you are moving, but it was really pretty steamy in the suit. I guess this is just the price of having heavy duty protection year round.
Gladly, I never tested the abrasion and protection features of the suit, but I can say the suit is very robust and makes one feel pretty well protected.
So, in conclusion, I have to give the Joe Rocket Survivor Suit the Battlefield Biker seal of approval. Please give my friends over at Riders Discount your business if you’re thinking of buying one of these suit.